A Glimpse on How to Buy & Cooking Crabs


In this summer learn about various crab cooking preparations which are most useful to your health. Having a hot and mouthwateringjuicy crab in dinner at the beachwith warm waters of the eelgrass shallows will give an amazing experience. Though you are not living near the beach house, you can enjoy the delicious taste by picking some crabs at your local fish markets or even ordering them online.Many of the restaurants are providingrichly flavored blue crab with a soft shell version,mostlyavailable in spring and summer.

Let’s have a look at “how to choose delicious crabs

Buying Crabs:

Is your house is nearby coastal community, then you are fortunate and moreover you can easily find out where the local fisherman’s wharfis and head there for the freshest catch.Duringseason if possible buy from local waters.

Suppose if not, look for a fish market or an online vendor having high turnover of local stock. Generally, the crustaceans such as lobster or shellfish marketed as live are highly perishable and they stop eating once they’ve left their seabed home. The less meat will be found in their shells if they have hanged longer time around without eating.

How to Euthanized Humanely:

Firstly, crabs should be kept alive until just before cooking. Keep and store the meat as fresh as possible, so that it is free from any toxins contained within the greenish tomalley located in their digestive organ.When a crab dies, its stomach quickly begins to release bacteria that were used in the digestive process and that bacteria help with the decomposition process. Then it becomes toxic within short time.

The Half Backing Process:

The procedure involves cleaving the crab into half and before cooking their guts and gills are removed. After that,it will be grilled or steamed in less time than a whole one. Some of the steps of half back:

  • Have to flip the crab on its back and quickly kill it, then cleave it in half, the body from its between its eyes in the middle of its backside.
  • And then scoop out the gills and guts, then clean well with a kitchen sprayer.
  • Just cook as per the recipe directions given.

Crabs Cooking

The crabs can be boiled whole and live or half backed.

  • Use enough water as much as the pot requires, and add ½ cup salt.
  • You can add seasoning flavor such as garlic, parsley, pepper and salt. You need to submerge the whole crab and should ensure it is completely covered with water.
  • When it is almost done, remove from the pot and cool it in cold water. To flush it, lift the top shell by pulling from the back and crack the legs into two halves. Rinse the crab very well.

Steaming Process:

To retain its tasty juice, you must steam it. Take a steamer pot and then let it cook for 20 minutes around.

Boiling and Grilling:

Before ongoing the grill clean them and then steam for 5 minutes. Later brush both halves with grilling oil and cook on a medium hot grill about 4 minutes per side.

Baked and Roasted:

Using the grilled crabs, roast them in a large roasting pan approximately 10 minutes until they are cooked through browned and sizzling.