West Coast Crab Sales Limited is a first-class Irish shellfish supplier company specialising in catching and supplying top quality Brown Crab (Cancer Pagurus) and also European Lobster (Homarus Gammarus) to both domestic and international markets. We have been supplying markets in Ireland, United Kingdom and mainland Europe, countries including France, Spain and Portugal for over 35 years. In recent years we have also exported live brown crab to the Asia market in countries such as China and Hong Kong. With customers all over the world, we have grown our shellfish business due to the high quality fishing methods we employ, as well as good relationships with our customers. This family run business is a well-known leader in its field whose name is recognised for both excellence and quality.

West Coast Crab Sales Limited was established by brothers Jonathan and Patrick O’ Donnell, who both continue to fish on their vessels “Michelle Na Mara” and “Aisling Patrick”. The company was formally known as West Coast Crab, however as the business expanded both Jonathan and Patrick decided it was time to think about purchasing bigger vessels which could fish all year round, this was also an ideal opportunity to become a limited company and change our name to West Coast Crab Sales Ltd.

We now operate a fleet of 6 vessels: “John Michelle”, “Rachel Mary”, “James Collins”, Aisling Patrick”, Michelle Na Mara” and our newest addition to the fleet “Sean Óg”, which in total employ 25 people. The crew on board each of our vessels are trained to the highest standards therefore the upmost care is taken to ensure our catch is fished responsibly and handled carefully to guarantee an optimal quality shellfish product with a high meat content.

Our products are in such demand due to our ideal location here on the West Coast of Ireland. We are very lucky to be located in one of the world’s most recognised areas for superb shellfish, this is mainly due to the nutrient enriched waters where our crab and lobster live and breed in.


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